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We are a team of professionals, working together to combine our knowledge, education and expertise to offer you, our valued guests, the best service possible.


We offer many services for you to choose from. Whether you come in for Hair, Skin or Nail services (or a combination of the above) we will do our best to provide you with the ultimate satisfaction in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. We always offer complimentary consultations for any service we do, or if you need help picking the perfect products for yourself (or for a gift) please don't hesitate to ask. We can set up time for a specialist to work with you if we don't have one available at the time of your request.

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Hair Texturing

Quality texturing services and products for beautiful hair.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Express $90-110 or $75 with a haircut blow-dry service
Regular Treatment $200-250
We use both the HED and Privana lines - which include several different products depending on what you need.  We have an Express Formula for those just wishing to 'try out' the smoothing treatment without making a huge commitment.  We also have a delicate version for compromised hair as well as our tried-and-true regular version

Curls, Body & Bounce

The price of each procedure will vary according to the degree of technical work involved, the length and thickness of the hair, and the level of the hairstylist. Exact prices will be given during the consultation stage.
Designer perm or wave $95 and up
Root perm $70 and up
Conventional spiral perm $110 and up
Transfer perm $95 and up
Air neutralization add to any perm $25-45

A consultation is best before any perm or wave service so that we can discuss your options, assess the hair’s condition and quote a price. The better shape your hair is in prior to the perm or wave, the better the service will turn out.
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Service Policy

Salon or Spa appointments requires a minimum of 24-hours advance notice to reschedule or cancel (packages require 48-hours), otherwise, we must bill you (or charge your gift certificate) for 50% of the service(s). "No-shows" or same day cancelations will be billed at full price. If we can fill the opening, you will not be billed.  Reservations for multiple services, or services for more than one guest, will be held by credit card or gift certificate only. 

Prices subject to change without notice. In certain instances, our fee schedule may change before our website does. If you are concerned about the prices, please confirm prices with our guest relations staff while booking your appointment. Thanks!