About Us

We strive to always bring you excellence and consistency in a great environment with the utmost professionalism – because really, it’s all about you!  Our staff of 10 is totally dedicated to making you look and feel good, we think that’s why we have made the top of the 'Best Of' list with our local Style Magazine readers so many times. 

Great hair and spa services preformed by a continuously educated, service oriented and amazing staff, it’s as simple as that.  If you’re reading this and haven’t been pampered by us yet, come see what the fuss is about and bring a copy of this page for $10 off your first visit – you’ll be glad that you did, we guarantee it!

Our history...

We are the oldest Salon & Day Spa in El Dorado County.  We started out as ‘The Beauty Bar’ outside of the town of El Dorado in 1975, changed the name of the business a few years later, then moved to our current location in 1983.  Fay Linson purchased the business from her parents, Eva & Al Molina in 2000.
The building at 611 Placerville Drive has undergone many transformations.  We started out a one-story with an apartment for rent upstairs for a number of years.  We then cut a hole in the ceiling, built the interior staircase, and put hairstyling and massage therapy upstairs.  A few years later, we pulled all the hairstylists downstairs, moved both the skin care and the nails upstairs, and created a true separation of the Salon and Spa spaces.
Our current renovation reverts the upstairs back into apartment living and moves the spa back to the main level.  We have converted our downstairs bathroom and our handicap parking access to be ADA compliant so that everyone has an easier access to all we offer. 
The recent building remodel was done to compliment our new business model at Dynamic.  We are now all Independent Contractors (vs. our old model as employees).  This transition has enabled us to stay together as a team, which is very important to us, and will keep us competitive with other businesses in our community.   This will also help us to bring our service levels to an even higher standard.  We have high hopes for the future and look forward to serving you with the greatest levels of knowledge, professionalism, customer service and integrity.